Job Search Active During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If you were a job seeker a month ago compared to a job seeker today, you’re looking at a very different landscape. It’s hard to know how long the current situation will last and what the impact on hiring will be in the immediate future. Some industries will obviously be more affected than others.

As per JobAlert Monster a monthly hiring activity report, the recruitment activity in March 2020 has dropped by 20% as compared to the same period last year.

Still, not everyone is looking for a job in healthcare, biotech, or delivery services. If you’re a current job seeker, how do you keep moving forward if you don’t know where you’re going?

Here are five ways on how to keep your job search going:

1. Get Noticed for Your Next Job

With so much uncertainty around how long people will be staying at home, you should prepare for the possibility you won’t get your old job back. To start the job search, here are some important first steps:

  • Update your profile and resume, and optimize them with keywords so search engines can find you
  • Post your resume on all job boards, including LinkedIn, JobAlert Monster and others.
  • Sign up for job alerts so you are aware of new job vacancies as they are posted
  • Customize your applications to show you’re serious about the role
  • Turn to your friends for help and tap their network

2. Upskill & Stay Relevant for the Recruiter

  • Learning new skills is vital to stay relevant in your domain of work.
  • Depending on your interest and career plans, pursue an online course or a certification program to hone your skills.

3. Master Your Interview Techniques

Use this time to master advanced interview techniques, which can be adopted to significantly improve the likelihood of receiving a job offer. Start by listing out your career achievements and mapping them against your skillset, to form great evidence-based answers. For more tips and guidance, you can take our Interview Preparation service. It helps you crack your interview.

4. Be Open to New Roles and Careers

Part of your job hunt should involve taking inventory of your skills and thinking through new roles or industries where there may be opportunities. To make a career shift, you may need to acquire new skills, which could be a good use of your downtime during this period of isolation.

5. Prepare for Online Interviews 

Expect more interviewing to take place via video conference. Make sure you have a workspace background that is clean and uncluttered with appropriate lighting. Record yourself practicing so that you can find the right camera height and angle. Positioning your camera too low can create an imposing impression, while too close can seem overly intrusive. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

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